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Canilens is a photography extracurricular in Canisius College that was founded on October 23rd, 1981. This extracurricular is divided into 3 levels (Basic, Advanced I, Advance II) which the course for each level does not only train photography techniques, but also seeing photography as an art.

According to FPSI (Federation of Photography Group Indonesia), Canilens is the pillar of photography communities for high school students in Jakarta and also one of the best photography extracurricular in Jakarta. The biggest achievement was made in 2005, when 5 members of Canilens were sent to compete in South East Asia’s photography competition in Singapore as delegations from Indonesia.

Canilens 30 Years Anniversary.

Canilens 30 years anniversary exhibition was held from October 31st – November 6th, 2011 at Senayan City. The theme for the exhibition was “Contrast in Life”. This theme was chosen because Canilens wanted to show that difference could bring a diverse meaning. In many aspects, such as economy or culture, a single photo could express a thousand words about contrast. The photos that being shown off, were auctioned and the earnings were donated to Le Cocq d’Armandville College in Nabire, Papua and Vincentius orphanage.


Here is the list of Canilens achievements for last 3 years:


  • The winner of PPm Auto-Fun Beach Photography Competition - Thierry Aditya
  • The winner of PIASTRO Photography Competition Psikologi UI - Javier Iskandar
  • The winner of Journalist Competition DBL 2012 - Jonathan Winarno
  • Best photographer Journalist Competition DBL 2012 - Jonathan Winarno


  • The winner of Rally Photo CASANOVA 2013 - Javier Iskandar
  • 2nd winner of "CitrapatagGikA" - Jonathan Winarno
  • 2nd winner of Submit Photo CASANOVA 2013 - Ferdi Wilyanto
  • 2nd winner of Journalist Competition DBL 2013 - Dimas Prasasto
  • The winner of Glowin Festival SMAK 4 - Brileon Agusnatan


  • The winner of HallGames Pangludi Luhur - Thierry Aditya
  • The winner of Bynamic Festival BINUS Serpong - Thierry Aditya
  • Most Favorite Photo Bynamic Festival - Thierry Aditya

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