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Break dancing extracurricular in Canisius College (Canibreak) was established in 2006. At that time, its members consisted of only high-school students. A chance to perform for an advertisement of IM3 provider motivated Canisians to try on break dancing. Until 2013, Canibreak had been including Senior and Junior High students, but it was for temporarily only. In 2014, Canibreak aback included just for the Senior High one.

Canibreak has participated in a number of competitions, such as Casanova 2011, CC CUP 2012 and Casanova 2013. Canibreak has also performed for non-competition shows, like Conscientia Extravaganza and the opening of Development Basketball League (DBL). The aim that Canibreak has nurtured over the years since its inception is to rise up and exist again in the break dancing world. Break dancing does not only provide the twirls and the headspins, but also the dance spirit. Moreover, it can encourage too the confidence of the individual.


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Jl. Menteng Raya No.64 Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

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