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Canisius Press (Canipress) is an extracurricular on journalism which was established in 1980 as a development from The Madjalah Pemantjar. Since its inception, Canipress has struggled for 33 years on its path- through having been a several-years hiatus till achieving various astonishing achievements.

In 2012 mid-year, CaniPress got a great numbers of participants and was able to publish its own newsletters. CaniPress has been writing articles for newspapers and national media such as Warta Muda and Kompas Muda. In 2013, Canipress wrote about CASANOVA 2013.

The routine task of Canipress is to report events held in Canisius, and then publish them. Canipress also gives basic journalistic trainings to its members. For last 3 years, Canipress has got some achievements, as following:

  1. Article “Vive la Jeunesse” published in Warta Kota, bag. Warta Muda (February 2013)
  2. Article “Mendongkrak Perubahan Lewat Asah Bakat” published in Kompas, bag. Kompas MuDA (Febuary 2013)


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