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Canisius Wind Ensemble (CWE)

In fact, Canisius College, since its establishment in 1927, has had several musical groups. It used to have drum-band, string orchestra, classic guitar group, and band. Canisius, however, is always consistent in giving attention to the students' outgrowth in art. From Jesuit education perspective, education cannot be separated from art. Art is considered to help and enhance students' outgrowth. Regarding this, Canisius College always encourages its students to have a high appreciation on art. The basic belief of Jesuit education is that students will grow normally and in balance if art takes a role on it. Moreover, art does also enhance and cultivate the students’ sensibility and conscience too.

Along with the development and demand of education, on August 2000, Father E. Baskoro Poedjinoegroho, SJ supported by Father R.B. Riyo Mursanto, SJ and Father Markus S. Wanandi, SJ, then founded a wind ensemble. Wind ensemble is chosen because it is identical with male students’ characteristics. Furthermore, juxtaposing wind ensemble and male characteristics could mix both gentleness and also beauty. Besides that, only very few schools in Indonesia have a wind ensemble. Eventually, this program is purposed to balance the students out inasmuch as they struggle a lot with academic activities.

At the beginning of its establishment, this group was well-known as “Fan Fare” according to the musical instruments used by. On June 17th, 2004, through a concertino, this group was officially baptized with a new name “Canisius Wind Ensemble” (CWE) by Father E. Azismardopo, SJ, the former rector of Budi Siswa foundation, and the director of Canisius College Senior High School, Father E. Baskoro Poedjinoegroho, SJ. CWE, little by little, becomes very distinguished at school and outward school too. This extracurricular is open for the junior and senior high school students. CWE is fostered by several coaches: Mr. Eko Riyanto, Mr. Yunus, Mr. Tony Herianto, Mr. Budi, Mr. Wahiman, and Mr. Gatot. Since established, CWE has played various songs, from Western, Mandarin, and local songs. There are also varied categories such as spiritual songs, pop, jazz, rock, and folk songs which are arranged by the coaches or students who have an interest in arranging songs.


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