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At September 28th, 2001, to join Festifal Musik Liturgi Betawi, a choir consisted of SMA Kolese Kanisius and SMIP St. Theresia was formed, which later evolves into Perseviam. Perseviam is trained by Mr. Ignatius Martono, who is also a founder of Perseviam. Perseviam has two chiefs: Vicarius from Canisius College and Vicaria from SMIP St. Theresia. The joint practice is held every Friday at the Chapel of Canisius College. Meanwhile, exercises for Canisius College members are held every Tuesday along with Persevera.

Perseviam has a motto “Perseverantia in Servire”, which means “Perseverance in Service". Every element in the logo of Perseviam has different meanings. Color, shape of the logo, and the characters inside, represent the unity of SMIP St. Theresia and SMA Kanisius. For last 3 years, Perseviam has got two achievements: 1st and favorite winner of CASANOVA 2011, and 3rd winner of Gonzaga Festival 2013.


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Jl. Menteng Raya No.64 Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

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